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mine love

15th March, 2005. 12:30 pm.

I am a woman and I am beautiful and smart and funny and like searching for nature whether it be clams or giant sea slugs. I like sunny days and smiling and cold nose kisses and surprise messages. And someday someone is going to see that and appreciate it.

Current mood: crushed.

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28th October, 2004. 11:37 am.

as i was looking in my mug, i could see my eyes as clear as day in the bottem. the sun is shining on my face and i can every line on my face. every eyelash. when i blink my eyes i can see the eyelids slide back into place as though nothing had ever happened. so beautiful.

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28th October, 2004. 11:10 am. joy

so i really feel terrible for neglecting you all. no one probably reads this anymore but oh well. for those of you taht are faithful i thank you. as i sit here drinking white cranberry strawberry juice, cold mind you, out of a coffee mug that i really don't know it's sanitary status, i feel content about things. i feel content with my situation at the present moment. i feel content with the decisions i've made in the past. i feel content about hitting a girl in the face last night with a volleyball and having it hit so hard off of her cranium it came back on our side and sailed out of bounds. i am exactly where i would have pictured myself ten years ago. perfectly happy. now if you'll excuse me i have just refilled my juice cup and would like to look at the headlines of the new york times. good day.

Current mood: content.

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19th August, 2004. 4:29 pm.

i am at school and have just endured the first two hours of hell. well, it's only partial hell. kind of like purgatory becuase it's so great! i love you all!

Current mood: ecstatic.

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7th August, 2004. 4:50 pm.

in lue of recent events i have opted to become an old spinster relying only on objects sold at lover's lane and terible love stories that always end up wonderful. damn.

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27th July, 2004. 10:09 pm.

hello all of my dear friends. sorry about the lack of updating. i have just acquired something called a life and it puts a damper on all of my dorkdom. i just got two new books! woo hoo! one of them is by jim sheperd, a collection of his short stories. it's called love and hydrogen. he has also written lights out in the reptile house. i will be reading that one next. i've heard i will be utterly disgusted and so am very excited. but he came to visit our english class first semester and he is an amazing person. the first time my teacher met him, he was taking a picture of his wife and jim comes up saying 'eight by ten glossies for everyone!' he's really a neat person. yes. neat. i also bought a book called the science of God, which is about the convergence of scientific and biblical wisdom. i love that stuff. it's my favorite subject. but yeah. that's my life for the time being. pitiful, yet relaxing.

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3rd July, 2004. 4:51 pm.

it's raining outside and it's positively beautiful. I love the rain and i love the color yellow. it's such a pretty happy color. i asked one of my friends once what his favorite color of yellow was and he said that it is "seen when lying on the grass under a rain-coat-yellow blanket looking up at the sun (filtered through the blanket)" sigh. how beautiful is rain and the color yellow? as beautiful as a man that makes flowers for his date rather than buying her some.

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1st June, 2004. 9:06 pm.

hello my dear community. for all you fearless readers out there, i have nothing for you. i am very tired and very out of it. but me and carey did play girl talk last night and it was the most fun that i've had in a long time. :)

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26th May, 2004. 9:55 pm.

im fat. that is all for now.

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19th May, 2004. 5:22 pm.

by the way carey love has an excellant gift for painting. she creates beautiful artwork. and i have to get my hands on her muse! grr what a fox!

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